Cloth Diaper Sales, Coupons, and Deals

If running the Cloth Diapers for Beginners Facebook groupOpens in a new tab. has taught me anything, it’s that bargains are a sport among cloth diaper parents. And that makes total sense because the financial benefits of cloth diapersOpens in a new tab. are a huge motivator for people to make the switch from disposables.

So, where can you find cloth diaper sales, coupons, and deals? Right here!

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Cloth Diaper Sales

GroVia Scratch Off 2020

Beginning on July 13, GroVia is holding its Scratch Off event. During the event, everyone has a chance to win with every GroVia purchase at any participating retailer, or grovia.comOpens in a new tab. from July 13 – 27, 2020.

GroVia says there are over 300 prizes to be won, including 3 grand prizes, which look amazing, check them out:

How to Play:

You participate in the scratch off event by making a GroVia purchase at any participating retailer, or between July 13 – 27, 2020. To claim your prize, and/or enter the grand prize raffle with your ticket code by Aug. 17, 2020. The grand prize raffle is on Aug. 18, 2020.

One important note is that Retailers will distribute tickets unique to each store. While you order your items from grovia.comOpens in a new tab., you get one ticket per item:

  • 1 Product = 1 Ticket
  • 2 Products = 2 Tickets
  • 3 Products = 3 Tickets
  • And On and On.

That’s all for right now, but Black Friday are on their way!

Cloth Diaper Coupons

Wink Diapers

Wink diapers is a mom-owned diaper brand based out of North Carolina. Many Wink products are manufactured in the US, but some are international manufactured as well. Wink states here that theyOpens in a new tab., “Only partner with manufacturers that utilize fair trade practices, including minimum wages, safe working environments, and environmental sustainability such as the prohibition of GMO’s. All our fabrics are certified to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and the CPSIA.”

Wink diapers makes AIO diapers, hybrid diaper covers, pocket diapers, diaper accessories, and a whole slew of cloth related products. I highly recommend their diapers for slim-legged babies, and can vouch for the quality of their products from seeing them in action.

Because Cloth Diapers for Beginners has agreed to review a few Wink products, we were kindly given a discount coupon for our readers to use there. You can get 30% off your entire purchase at Wink Diapers (on their website only) with the coupon code: Beginners30

Wink also offers bulk discounts that can also be stacked on top of the coupon for even more savings, here’s what the bulk discounts look like (pulled from their website at the time of posting, click here to make sure they haven’t changed):

QuantityDiapers or TrainersInserts or Menstrual Products:WetbagsDryer BallsBamboo Straws
3+$2 off each item$1 off each item
6+$2 off each item$1 off each item$1.50 off each item$0.50 off each item
12+$3 off each item$2 off each item$0.75 off each item
24+$1.50 off each item$1 off each item

Cloth Diaper Deals

GroVia Diapers

GroVia diapers currently has two promotions on their website you can participate in. the first is signing up to their newsletter at the bottom of the page to get a coupon for 10% off your order.

The other is build your own cloth diaper bundles, which save the following:

  • If you buy 3-6 diapers, you save 5%.
  • If you buy 7-11, you save 7%.
  • If you buy 12 or more, you save 10%.

You’re allowed to mix and match styles in the bundles, but the discounts are calculated separately if you mix and match our different styles.

I regularly recommend GroVia O.N.E diapers as an overnight solution, even for heavy wettersOpens in a new tab..

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