Black Friday Cloth Diaper Sales (2022)

By April Duffy •  Updated: 11/01/22 •  3 min read

Black Friday is a bit early late this year, with the big day landing on November 25, the day after American Thanksgiving.


Is Black Friday a Big Deal for Cloth Diaper Shopping?

OMG YES! Black Friday is by far the best cloth diaper shopping day of the year, and if the timing is right, and you have the budget, it is THE day to build your cloth diaper stash!

If you’re shopping for everyday things, you most likely think of Target or Walmart for Black Friday sales, but when it comes to Cloth Diapers, local retailers are the way to go!

While big-box stores won’t often discount items that aren’t widely popular and will sell in large volumes (like cloth diapers), local cloth diaper shops live for these sales.

To get an idea of what local retailers and manufacturers are in your area, check out the Cloth Diaper Directory here.

What Can I Expect?

The sales are always a bit different every year, but the trend in all the years passed since (this is my seventh Black Friday) has been for most smaller retailers to offer anywhere from 20-60% off most items, and then they often throw in some “freebies” when you spend over a certain amount. So, for example, they might give you a wet bag, or a roll of liners if you spend $X and a free diaper if you spend $XX (this is just an example to show you how it normally works, the freebies can be epic some years, and just good others… we’ll all just have to wait and see what they are).

Most of the time, the discount on the big diaper brands you really really want (think Thirsties and Charlie Banana) is about 25-30%, but sometimes you can score big, and the discounts on diaper packages, accessories, and sale items, are often awesome!

When Will the Sales Be Announced?

Unfortunately, Black Friday sale info is kept quiet by many brands until just a day or two before the event in most cases. Retailers don’t want people to not buy anything for the month leading up to Black Friday because they know the thing they want will be on sale.

That said, the Black Friday deals are slowly being released now and as they are, I will post them right here, so bookmark this page, pin it, or join the Facebook group where I’ll post links.

The Sales


Bayrli’s Black Friday sale is here!

25% off every product and every bundle!

Nov 1-31st inclusive.

Along with Bayrli’s unique lifetime warranty, unlimited free support, and industry-first fully certified recycled diapers, there has never been a better time to start your reusable journey and save with absolute peace of mind.

From design to delivery, your Bayrli diapers and accessories are certified Climate Neutral and certified OEKO-TEX 100. You and your baby are in the safest and greenest hands when you choose Bayrli.

April Duffy

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