GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diapers Review

By April Duffy •  Updated: 05/30/24 •  11 min read

I’ve been recommending GroVia hybrid and GroVia O.N.E diapers on this website and in the Facebook community since I tried them on my daughter years ago. Though they performed great then, I thought it was time to get some feedback on newer models (my GroVia hybrids were from back when they were called GroBaby) from my cloth diaper testers to create a full review so you can have all the information when deciding if this brand is for you.

But before we get into the meat of this GroVia hybrid cloth diaper review, let’s take a quick minute to talk generally about hybrid cloth diapers, and how to know if they are the right style of nappies for your needs.

A GroVia Hybrid diaper (Bear in Mind Print) on a toddler.

Things to Consider Before Buying Hybrid Diapers

I have an introduction to hybrid cloth diapers here, but in short, a hybrid diaper is a diaper that can be used as a cloth diaper (with cloth diaper inserts) or as a disposable diaper (with disposable inserts).

A hybrid diaper is perfect when you need something that is:

What’s Worth Noting About the GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper System

In the realm of hybrid diapers, GroVia is the longstanding leader and their inserts don’t really resemble any of the competition.

The GroVia hybrid cloth diaper system is an all-in-two (Ai2) system, meaning the diaper is assembled in two parts:

  1. A waterproof TPU shell, which is the waterproof exterior of the diaper. GroVia hybrid diaper shells can be purchased in either hook and loop (Velcro) or snap waist closures, and have rise snaps.
  2. Absorbent inserts that are either snapped in place (for cloth inserts) or stuck to the inner lining (for disposable inserts).

GroVia makes three inserts for their hybrid system:

GroVia Hybrid Diaper fit (showing the back elastic)

How We Rated the GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper

To be fair to all baby cloth diapers, we rate each one according to five key features to come up with a rating out of five stars. Here’s how we rated the GroVia Hybrid diaper: 

1. Absorbency and Effectiveness
1/1 ⭐

GroVia Cloth Insert Absorbency

As with all cloth diapers, the absorbency of the diaper comes down to the fabrics used. GroVia soaker pads are made from quality fabrics, and absorb very well. We tried both their no-prep soaker pad and their organic cotton soaker pad, and both held up leak-free. That said, the organic cotton soaker pad did seem like it could hold more than the no-prep soaker, which is to be completely expected. (You can read more about cloth diaper insert materials here).

While the no-prep soaker pad did well on our testing baby, who is a moderate wetter (i.e. not really a heavy-wetter but also not a light-wetter) during the daytime, it was soaked through enough that it didn’t seem like a good option for nap time. The organic cotton soaker on the other hand held for an extended nap session without a problem.

The only criticism I can have is that I think both the organic cotton soaker and the no-prep soaker pads would need a booster for even moderate wetters once kiddo hits the toddler years. But I didn’t doc GroVia any stars for this since I don’t know any pocket or all-in-two diaper system with single insert absorbency that could hold up until potty training with only one insert; it’s just impossible.

GroVia BioSoaker Pad Absorbency

The disposable soaker pads also performed very well, better than expected actually! Not only did the BioSoaker pads hold up during the day, but they held up overnight and during an extended car trip!

GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diapering System Fit

Aside from being good and absorbent, GroVia inserts and shells are great at holding in messes! I believe this is because of the shape and extra set of elastics in all of the insert options. To explain, both types of soaker pads have a set of leg elastics sewn into the sides.

These extra elastics essentially act as a sort of double gusset (a cloth diaper term for the second set of elastics in the lining of pocket diapers and all-in-one diapers), creating a dam to keep blowouts and other messes in check.

The BioSoaker pads also have this second set of elastics, hugging the insert around baby inside the GroVia shell.

2. Adjustability and Fit
1/1 ⭐

Since both the soaker pad and the GroVia shell have a set of leg elastics, GroVia hybrids hug baby well. Add to that the trimness of the diaper system as a whole, it’s very easy to get a nice fit, which also helps prevent leaks.

For adjustability, GroVia hybrids have two sets of rise snaps, which doesn’t seem like much, but it’s actually adequate since the diaper system is more trim than others. It’s a little hard to explain, but since the inserts hug baby so snugly, and are so compact, the cover itself is smaller, and therefore there’s less extra fabric to maneuver.

GroVia hybrid shells come in both snap and hook and loop (Velcro) waist closures and offer great adjustability at the hips (especially with Velcro).

Prints and Fabrics
1/1 ⭐

While it’s not enough of a criticism to doc any points, there is one detail that has bothered me since I used them a few years ago that I have heard others complain about this feature as well: mesh lining inside the hybrid shell.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the mesh, it does make reusing the cover more difficult. To explain, with a cloth diaper cover that has no lining, once an insert is wet, you can simply take it out, wipe the cover clean and use it again, repeating until it’s soiled.

While some are happy to wipe the polyester mesh inside the GroVia hybrid shell and use it again, I personally don’t recommend this as the mesh can’t be wiped perfectly clean like the back of PUL can.

On all other points, the fabrics used in GroVia hybrid diapers are fantastic. Their PUL is soft but sturdy, their inserts are super absorbent, and their Velcro system is my absolute favorite.

It’s also worth bringing up here that my old GroBaby hybrid diapers I mentioned at the top of this review are still going strong after years of use (and I don’t even know how old those nappies are as I purchased them second-hand back in 2016 or so). The quality of this brand is apparent just through the diaper’s longevity!

For prints, GroVia not only offers several prints and colors at any given time, and continually puts out special limited prints, but they also offer their Buttah covers, which is their exclusive velvety soft polyester PUL fabric.

4. Support and Warranty
1/1 ⭐

GroVia is a very well-known, longstanding brand that I’ve personally seen offer great customer service and stand by their products. According to their website warranty information page, they warranty against all manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase.

I feel confident in recommending GroVia as a brand as I have seen them stand by their products time and have always had good interactions with their staff members.

Price and Availability
1/1 ⭐

The GroVia Hybrid is available through the GroVia website, through many local cloth diaper retailers, and on Amazon, so you’ll have no trouble getting your hands on them.

Price-wise, GroVia hybrids are not cheap, but they are absolutely comparable to other premium brands in their class, like Thirsties and Charlie Banana, even with the premium inserts.

You can easily beat the price of the other premium brands with GroVia though by taking advantage of their bulk and email sign-up discounts.

To explain, while deals are always subject to change, at the time of publication Grovia has two promotions on their website you can participate in. the first is signing up to their newsletter at the bottom of the page to get a coupon for 10% off your order.

The other is to build your own cloth diaper bundles, which save the following:


GroVia Shell is an excellent choice for people who prefer emollient and natural diapering systems. If your baby gets frustrated when exposed to moisture during diaper change using a cotton soap pad, you can put a GroVia-designed waterproof stay dry booster underneath or replace that with another product. The GroVia range includes several choices for color closures, sizes, and insert material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are GroVia Diapers Made?

GroVia diapers are made and sold by The Natural Baby Company, which is located in Bozeman, MT.

Their cloth diapers are manufactured in the U.S.A., Pakistan, and China. If local production is important to you, you can find all product origins listed on each individual product page of their website.

As they mention on their website, “GroVia’s core cloth diaper products are manufactured according to strict organic certifications which also include a review of our fair trade/labor practices.”

How Do You Use GroVia Hybrid Diapers?

Using GroVia hybrid cloth diapers is pretty simple, you just snap in your cloth insert, or stick in your BioSoaker insert and fasten it to your baby.

Here’s a quck video I found from Grovia showing how it all works:

How Long Do GroVia Diapers Last?

A long time! As I mentioned at the top of this review, I’d used older-model GroVia diapers on my daughter years ago. Those diapers s are so old a few of them are actually branded “GroBaby” on the tag.

I don’t honestly know how old those diapers are as I purchased them used back in 2016 or so. While they have a few frayed threads on the shells and the velcro looks a little linty, those diapers are still usable and even the elastics have spring in them.

That’s kind of amazing.

Assuming the quality remains strong, which it appears to be, these diapers are long lasting and an excellent investment for those looking to use them for a long time or are hoping to sell them when they are done with them.

How Many Hybrid Diaper Shells Do I Need?

How many hybrid diaper shells and inserts you need will depend on how many children you’re diapering when you’re starting to cloth diaper them (i.e. how old they will be) and how often you plan on washing your diapers (since you’ll need enough to last you until wash day).

For a chart to help you nail down exactly how many you’ll need for your answers to all these questions, check out my How Many Cloths Diapers You’ll Need post here.

How Do You Clean GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diapers?

There are no special care instructions for these diapers, so you’ll just want to wash your GroVia hybrids the same way you wash the rest of your cloth diaper stash.

If you’re a beginner and still aren’t sure what your cloth diaper wash routine should be, I have a full tutorial about how to create the perfect wash routine for your diapers here.

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