MG Baby Cloth Diaper Review


  • Very trim, and adjustable, giving a great fit


  • Counterfeit diapers of various discount brands
  • Inferior quality
  • No guarantees or warranties

How we Rated It

Here’s a look at why we rated the MG Baby diaper how we did:

1. Absorbency and Effectiveness

Since the cut and fit of MG Baby diapers are generally good (see the next point) they are effective in holding solids, however, the two bamboo inserts given with these diapers are thin and not very absorbent and you’ll likely need to use both inserts for a small baby. When baby is bigger, or if he/she is a heavy-wetter, these inserts likely won’t cut it.

If you use these diapers, you may need to invest in additional inserts when baby is a bit older. Be warned however, with pocket style diapers, adding more inserts isn’t an ongoing solution, as the interior fabric is usually just cut large enough to accommodate the inserts you get with the diaper. Adding too many extra inserts can make the diaper bulge, and lift away from baby around the leg, which will cause leaks.

2. Adjustability and Fit

MG Baby diapers are pocket style diapers with adjustable snaps that allow for fit from 10-33 pounds. The fit on these are actually very nice and trim, just like the discount diaper brands they counterfeit. While the fit is nice, I am cautious about the snap quality and am not sure how they will hold up after long-term use.

3. Prints and Fabrics

In their heyday, MG Baby diapers had a huge variety of prints, all stolen from other cloth diaper brands. Today, with MG Baby all but disappeared, they only have a few prints available on a few corners of the internet. With that said, when buying used, you will be able to find many prints out there, all adorable.

As you I’ve stated above, the fabric quality is low, and there are some questions as to whether the fabrics used meet safety requirements.

4. Support and Warranty

There is none, apart from that which you get from the seller or retailer.

5. Price and availability

MG Baby diapers, purchased new, are inexpensive, but the price may be more inflated than the original diaper. Now that MG Baby has taken down its website and stopped most of it’s selling activities after being pursued for copyright, their diapers are usually only sold on third-party retailers like Amazon, though occasionally they can show up elsewhere.

Other Reviews

Part of what I like to think sets Cloth Diapers for Beginners diaper reviews apart is that I scour the internet to find and share other reviews of the diaper (or diaper accessory) right in the review so that you can get a number of perspectives about the product all in one place. Whether or not the other reviews agree with our review doesn’t matter, just as long as the other review is credible and real we share a standout quote from it, and link to it so you have all the information you need to make a solid choice.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of other reviews out there of MG Baby diapers. Given their scarcity and origin, this isn’t so surprising (the manufacturer doesn’t care enough to put out information, and bloggers can’t really link to any cloth diaper retailers, or have much good to say about them, so they have no interest) but it’s still disappointing since when these diapers do show up on diaper sale sites,  or on used cloth diaper sites, cloth diaper parents need real information about them.

Here are a few additional opinions I could find on them:

“Here’s another Zulily “deal,” this time from MG Baby Diapers: (Never heard of them? Me neither!)”

Maman Loup’s Den

“I got some on baby half off. Not my favorite and the bamboo inserts that came with them don’t absorb much. I have to put both inserts in the diapers. I do like the fit but they are leaky.”

Baby Center Community

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