Bungies Diapers Review (UPDATED!)

By April Duffy •  Updated: 04/03/24 •  19 min read

A Mind-Changer!

I secretly kind of hated pocket diapers. I would rarely say so, because they’re what most cloth diaper newbies buy first, and I want beginners to be as encouraged as possible when starting out. But the pocket diapers they often choose are cheap pocket covers with even cheaper microfiber inserts, that hold little and are hard to clean thoroughly. 

I get it, I bought them too. Pocket diapers seem to have it all when you’re just starting to research cloth. 

But the leaks and stink that set in all to quickly with the cheap pocket diapers far outweigh the benefits of the pocket-style. And so, I hated them. But yup, you guessed it, my attitude changed when the August Bungies subscription was stuffed into my mailbox. 

If all pocket diapers were like Bungies diapers, I’d be encouraging everyone to buy pockets for their starter stash because they offer all the features of pockets with none of the bad quality and cheap inserts! 

We seriously love them here.  

In fact, Bungies is still new, but I’m willing to bet that they’re going to make cloth diaper subscription boxes popular as they get noticed for offering quality pockets for a good price.  

I’m going to get into why I think so in this Bungies Diapers review, but first, there are a few key things you need to know. 

Our Choice for Best Subscription AND Best Pocket Diaper
Bungies Diapers
$ Varies by Subscription Type

Bungies is a cloth diaper subscription service (though you can purchase single diapers as well). Their pocket diapers are both reasonably priced and premium quality coming with both a three-layer hemp and a four-layer bamboo insert right out of the box! We can't say enough about these pocket diapers!


Things to Consider Before Buying a Pocket Diaper

I talk a lot about the pros and cons of pocket diapers here, but the main points are that pocket diapers are great when you want: 

  1. Lots of prints to dress up that bum: The variety of prints available in pocket diapers is truly amazing. 
  2. A stay-dry feeling: Most cloth diaper linings (the sewn-in inner fabric that creates the “pocket”) are made from suede cloth or fleece. These are synthetic fabrics that help wick moisture away from baby giving them a “stay-dry” feeling. 
  3. A low initial cost: Many are attracted to pocket diapers for the low price tag, BUT I caution you that, as I mentioned in the introduction, that low price point is often an illusion with inexpensive pocket diapers, and you MUST pay attention to the details and materials used.
    Cheaper pocket diapers not only have lesser-quality covers that won’t stand the test of time or a heavy-wetter, but they also often come with only microfiber inserts, which won’t absorb enough for most babies past five or six months of age. The result is that additional inserts are always needed, which cost more. Most cloth diaper users replace their cheap pockets with better quality diapers sooner rather than later. For a pocket diaper to be truly inexpensive, it would have to be low-cost AND made with quality materials. 

Bungies does manage to do this (offer a high-quality diaper at a lower price; especially with our exclusive discount code CDFB15), which I think may be due to their unique subscription model, but I will get to that more later in this review. For now, just know that if you’re drawn to pocket diapers for the price, quality is also going to be super important for you, otherwise, the true cost of making that pocket diaper work is often much higher than the initial price tag.  

  1. Easy diaper changes for daycare, grandparents, etc.: Pocket diapers, no matter the quality, are a breeze at the changing table. If you have caregivers or hesitant grandparents or significant others that will be changing baby, a few pocket diapers can cut down the complaints. Once the inserts are “stuffed” inside the pocket before use, changes are as easy as disposables. So if easy changes are a need for you, pockets are great that way (though pre-stuffing is needed). 

Pocket diapers aren’t without potential drawbacks, however. Here are some things to do to help overcome some of the drawbacks of pocket diapers: 

  1. Look for natural fibers and roomy pockets. Many diaper makers also advertise the adjustability of a pocket diaper, but while you can add more absorbency, you can do so only up to a point as once the pocket is full adding more will interfere with fit and may cause leaks. This is where thin but absorbent natural inserts (like those that Bungies comes with out of the box) are also a necessity if you choose to go with pocket diapers. 
  2. Choose a double opening. If you’re considering pocket diapers at all, I recommend choosing a pocket diaper brand with two openings (like Bungies). Two openings means that the diaper won’t need to be “unstuffed” after a diaper change. You simply unsnap the inserts from the cover (which can be done by holding it on the dry outside only) and toss it in the hamper. Pocket diapers with only one opening need to be unstuffed by taking out the insert before washing, which can get icky fast. 
  3. You’ll need a good size stash: Finally one of the biggest drawbacks of all pocket diapers is that having a built-in pocket lining means the diaper is completely soiled every diaper change, so you will need many diapers, especially when baby is younger. If you’re trying to keep a minimalist cloth diaper stash, there are better options out there for you, like covers and prefolds, so that’s something to always keep in mind. 

Things to Consider Before Subscribing to A Cloth Diaper Subscription Box 

Cloth Diaper Subscription boxes have not been common in the past. So I’m confident that as they gain popularity more options and things to consider will emerge, but here are just a few tips: 

  1. Choose a subscription box that allows you to pause your subscription, cancel, or change your address quickly and easily (and yes, Bungies does). 
  2. Subscribe to boxes that offer a single brand of diapers. Many subscription boxes for other products like makeup, etc.,  are shipped out from third parties with all kinds of product brands to try each month.  These box companies get deals with other brands to ship out a new product each month to their list for a discounted rate. 

While it might sound good to have a new brand of diaper every month, once you add in a middle-man a few things happen: a) the price goes up; b) or in the case of a subscription box with a set price, either the quality goes down or you’re getting the items that aren’t selling); c) the warranty suffers. 

By choosing a subscription box that is brand-specific, you’re ensuring the price is set with quality in mind, and that there will be a decent warranty, and the subscription box will stand behind the product they are sending. 

If you’re choosing a subscription box that’s both easy to manage and comes directly from the manufacturer, subscription boxes have a lot to offer, including:

What About Bungies Diapers? 

Bungies is a relatively new cloth diaper company, and still the only dedicated diaper subscription box around at the time of this update. This is surprising since I’ve been hearing moms ask for a diaper subscription box for years!

 As of May 2023, Bungies offers three subscription options that have just LOWERED IN PRICE:

*Prices are current as of the time of publication, prices change so be sure to check the Bungies website. 

With this subscription model, you sign up for the option you want, and then you receive a new diaper, diaper and wetbag, or diaper set each month, and you’re billed each month.

A Bungies subscription is ideal for cloth diaper newbies, especially those with modest budgets or anyone thinking of doing cloth part-time at first; beginners who want to build up a stash of cloth diapers slowly and with high-quality diapers. 

Bungies gets all of the things I listed above in things to keep in mind sections right, and a lot more. 

In the end, we gave Bungies subscriptions a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, which is an even more remarkable score given our high standards.  We’ll get into exactly how we came to that number in the next section, but first, here are just some of the things we love, and didn’t love about Bungies Diapers:

What We Liked about the Bungies Pocket Diaper

What We Didn’t Like About Bungies Pocket Diapers

How We Rated Bungies Pocket Diapers

To be fair, we judge every diaper reviewed here on the same five criteria, each worth one star, to give us a rating out of five, they are: 

Here’s how Bungies scored:

1. Absorbency and Effectiveness (1)

Absorbency is by far the most important thing for a cloth diaper because without it, leaks!  

The Bungies pocket diaper is crazy absorbent AND crazy-fast absorbing. This is not often the case. Natural fibers like hemp and bamboo, the two fibers used in Bungies inserts, hold a great deal but are usually slower to absorb. Here’s a chart to show you how bamboo and hemp usually stack up:

Insert TypeAbsorption AmountAbsorption Speed
Microfiber/Bamboo blend💧💧💧💧💧💧

Bungies hemp and bamboo inserts are actually soft cotton blends that are not only fluffy and plush, but when placed under the synthetic pocket lining, absorb very fast even though they hold a lot, which is literally a perfect combo. 

We put it to the test on a toddler (toddlers wet far heavier on average than smaller babies), over several two-hour periods and even for a three-hour nap (on a toddler, remember) and the inserts were barely saturated each time. 

With highly fast and absorbent inserts, as long as the cover functions well, you have a highly-effective diaper. As you can probably guess, Bungies has this nailed too. The Bungies cover includes a number of details that make it effective, like:

With such good results on one of the toughest ages to diaper, even at nap time, Bungies clearly earns a full star for absorbency and effectiveness. 

2. Adjustability and Fit (1)

Bungies diapers are one-size pockets that adjust to fit from infancy to potty. We found putting on the Bungies diaper was a charm. It was very easy to get a good fit even with a wiggling toddler. 

We found the diaper is made nice and big on the whole, which is a plus for most babies because it means it will fit longer. 

The double gusset in the lining didn’t interfere with the fit as it sometimes can when it’s sewn into the PUL. This is a big benefit as the double gusset helps keep the diaper snugger against baby, but does so inside the diaper and not around baby’s legs, which can sometimes be a problem for chunkier babies. 

Bungies scored a full star in this category too. 

3. Prints and Fabrics (1)

Just by taking a glance at their website you can see just how adorable but still completely gender neutral the prints are. Lots of companies claim they have neutral prints but when it comes down to it, they usually always end up being more boyish. Bungies’ prints are really neutral. 

Even better, Bungies chooses their monthly prints to match the season: Fireworks in July, rainbows in August, black cats in October, etc. So not only is your diaper going to work well on either

 a boy or a girl, but it can also double as your special occasion wear! 

The PUL these cute prints are put on is also nice and weighty but soft, meaning they have a quality feel. 

The inner lining that forms the pocket of the diaper is similar to other pocket lining fabrics, but for some reason during testing rinsing off poop from it was just so easy. It looks the same and feels the same as other linings but every time solids were rinsed off of it, it took half the time it usually does for some reason. Whatever the reason is, we love it and we’d be crazy not to give Bungies a full star in this category. 

4. Support and Warranty (1)

Normally I just talk about support and warranty here, but for Bungies, I’m also going to touch on the subscription terms. 

To start, Bungies recently changed their terms to allow subscribers to cancel their subscription (by logging in to your account from the www.bungiesdiapers.com homepage) right up to the 19th of every month , which is just one day before billing occurs on the 20th. So that’s amazing.

Of course, due to the billing process, any changes made after the 19th of the month will take effect for the following month.

Though you do need to make any month-to-month changes in advance of the mailing, Bungies easily lets you cancel your subscription, or suspend it if you’re going away. Now that there’s two package options, the owner, Ysora, told me that it’s flexible, where you can switch back and forth from subscription types depending on what you’re looking for that month. I love that! 

As far as support and warranty, while Bungies doesn’t allow returns due to the nature of diapers, which is pretty standard, they are very responsive to messages and the owner, Ysora, very clearly stands behind her products. 

I have been so impressed with her responses to my questions regarding account support, the subscription model, and about her diapers in general that I didn’t hesitate to give Bungies a full star in this category, though I would like to see more in writing on their website. 

5. Price and Availability (1)

First off, we really like the subscription model that Bungies is offering. It’s so nice to get a little surprise in the mail every month, and if there’s one thing the cloth diaper community loves to talk about it’s “fluff mail.”

As for the price, considering the quality of the pocket diaper, and the fact that each one comes with both three-layer hemp and four-layer bamboo insert, the price simply can’t be beaten. 

Currently, as of the time this article is published, option one gets you a Bungies pocket diaper, and the two-pocket wet bag for just $24.99 Option two gets you one seasonally inspired diaper and another coordinating solid diaper with four natural fiber inserts for just $29.99. 

AND because you’re reading this review now, you’re going to get an additional 15% off your first order with the special coupon code Bungies has given our readers (not an affiliate code, they are just awesome): CDFB15. That drops the prices down to just $ and $ respectively. 

AND shipping is free (yes even to Canada for my fellow Canadians reading this)! 

That’s an unbeatable price for the quality, seriously! 

As for availability, it’s true that the availability of past prints is limited, though you can still buy them from the Bungies shop while supplies last. That is the nature of subscriptions however, and considering how Bungies is available to many countries, I had to give them a full star in this category as well, giving them a perfect 5 stars!

What Others Are Saying About Bungies

Once again, AFTER we reviewed their diaper, we scoured the internet for some other reviews of Bungies to share with you so you can see what others are saying about it. Unfortunately, because Bungies is so new, we we’re only able to find one other review, but here’s a quick excerpt that sums up that review nicely: 

“My son sleeps on his belly; I put these on for naps all the time, and I haven’t had any leaks occur with using these. So I use these almost every day for naptime…. “I love that this is like a heavy-wetter diaper. I’ve never had a leak, I’ve never had a blow-out.… I think these are really absorbent, they absorb really fast, especially for natural fiber [inserts] and I’ve had a really great run with these inserts so far. “



If you’re in the market for a cloth diaper subscription, there are not many options on the market right now, in fact none that are comparable. Here’s what I could dig up (and I will add anything new I find here): 


Whether or not you’re a fan of subscription boxes, if you’re looking for a good quality pocket diaper, at a reasonable price Bungies is a great choice, and you can always buy old prints individually outside of the subscription. Bungies pocket diapers offer all of the benefits of pocket diapers — cute prints, great price, easy diaper changes — without all of the drawbacks of other cheap pockets — crappy inserts, low quality covers, single and hard to stuff openings. 

If you’re interested in a cloth diaper subscription box, however, I would jump on this one as soon as you’re ready because you can’t go wrong with these super cute, super affordable pocket diapers. Just make sure not to forget the coupon code for your discount: CDFB15. 

Here’s the link to check it out: 

Our Choice for Best Subscription AND Best Pocket Diaper
Bungies Diapers
$ Varies by Subscription Type

Bungies is a cloth diaper subscription service (though you can purchase single diapers as well). Their pocket diapers are both reasonably priced and premium quality coming with both a three-layer hemp and a four-layer bamboo insert right out of the box! We can't say enough about these pocket diapers!


April Duffy

April is the founder of Cloth Diapers for Beginners and author of The Cloth Diaper Wash & Care Handbook. Since 2015, April has helped well over 75,000 parents and caregivers cloth diaper their children through this website, her book, her YouTube Channel, and the Cloth Diapers for Beginners Facebook Group.