What is a Double Gusset Cloth Diaper? (With Pictures)

Just a quick glance at the cloth diaper dictionary page here, and you’ll understand just how much the cloth diaper community loves their confusing terms. “Double gussets” is just one example of this confusing lingo.

So what exactly is a double gusset cloth diaper? A double gusset cloth diaper is a diaper that has an extra set of elastics sewn into it. This second set of elastics can be found either around the legs (external double gusset) or, in the case of a pocket diaper, in the inner lining between the legs (internal double gusset). Here are photos of each type of double gusset diaper to show you both types of double gussets:

A photo of the two types of double gusset cloth diapers.

What’s the Purpose Behind Double Gussets?

The main benefit of having a double gusset into a pocket diaper or diaper cover is that it helps to contain leaks and messes. The double gusset acts as an additional barrier. This is of course a good thing.

Which Double Gusset is Better, External or Internal?

Now that you know what they are and why they are there, you’re probably wondering why some cloth diapers have them and others don’t. And which type is better, external or internal?

Well, it’s a bit complicated.

First of all, internal double gussets are only possible in an all-in-one or a pocket diaper, which come with their own pros and cons (you can learn more about the pros and cons of different diaper styles here). This is because internal gussets are sewn into the inner lining of a diaper and only all-in-one diapers (AIO’s) and pocket diapers have such a lining.

Internal double gussets in a pocket diaper.

So if you’re not considering AIO’s or pockets, internal gussets aren’t an option.

All-in-one diapers, all-in-two diapers, pocket diapers, and diaper covers can have external double gussets. The problem with two sets of gussets in the PUL cover lies in the fit of the diaper.

For babies with thinner legs, double leg gussets can actually help with fit as they will hold the diaper even closer to the baby’s leg crease, providing a nice, gap-free fit around the legs. This also helps prevent leaks.

If your baby has chubby legs (and let me take a second to say that neither twiggy babies nor chunky babies are better, all babies grow differently, and they are both adorable) a double gusset can be a problem. For babies with larger thighs a double gusset can make the diaper fit smaller than it normally would, or gap around the stomach because the legs need to be given so much slack. This may make the cloth diaper unusable!

This type of fit problem is usually only an issue with external double gussets, so if you have a chunkier baby internal gussets should still be fine, though they don’t work as well to keep messes in.

A cloth diaper cover with external double gussets.

To summarize, double gussets can be great, but make sure you’re shopping for your baby’s shape and size. If you have a twiggy-legged little one, external double gussets are the way to go and will help you get that snug fit. If you have a baby with chunky-thighs, stay away from external double gussets and stick to internal double gussets to avoid fit problems (if you’re using all-in-one or pocket diapers)

Best Double Gusset Cloth Diapers

If you think that you’d like to give double gusset cloth diapers a try on your cloth diapering journey, there are some good ones to try (and some not-so-good ones, but I don’t bother with those here). Here are my top recommendations for each style of double gusset and cloth diaper type:

Best Internal Double Gusset Pocket Cloth Diaper

Without a doubt, the best pocket diaper you’ll find out there, which also has an internal double gusset, is Bungies diapers. I’ve written a full review of Bungies here, but suffice it to say that Bungies pocket diapers are very well made, come with natural fiber inserts, and fit well. Combine all that with their double gusset sewn into the pocket diaper lining and you have a diaper that’s bulletproof against daytime leaks! I can’t recommend them enough and have a coupon that I managed to score for you as well.

Our Choice for Best Subscription AND Best Pocket Diaper
Bungies Diapers
$ Varies by Subscription Type

Bungies is a cloth diaper subscription service (though you can purchase single diapers as well). Their pocket diapers are both reasonably priced and premium quality coming with both a three-layer hemp and a four-layer bamboo insert right out of the box! We can't say enough about these pocket diapers!


Best Internal Double Gusset All-in-One Cloth Diaper

As I mentioned earlier, all-in-one cloth diapers are able to offer internal gussets due to their sewn-in linings. One brand that takes advantage of this and offers an all-in-one with a second gusset in the lining is La Petit Ourse, a newer premium brand of cloth diapers based in Canada.

Many members of the Cloth Diapers for Beginners community have been raving about La Petit Ourse, including a few of the moms who review diapers for us, so I was excited to see they offer all-in-ones with the extra gusset, which is hard to find.

These all-in-one cloth diapers do have a pocket for boosting the absorbency, so purists like me may argue that they are not a true all-in-one, but the diaper itself does come with one layer of microfiber and three layers of bamboo before adding the booster.

You can check out La Petit Ourse cloth diapers here, but do remember that Canadian prices differ.

La Petite Ourse AIO

La Petite Ourse is a Canadian company offering cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories.

Their all-in-on (AIO) diaper comes with one layer of microfiber and three layers of bamboo sewn in and a booster with 1 layer of microfiber and 4 layers of bamboo). It also features double gussets and an opening at the back for additional inserts.

Best Double Gusset All-in-Two Cloth Diaper

If you’re looking for an all-in-two style of cloth diaper with double gussets your options are pretty much limited to Best Bottom’s one size all-in-two cloth diapers. These all-in-twos combine a mesh-free (unlike the other popular all-in-two diaper, GroVia) cloth diaper cover with snap-in inserts, so naturally, the double gusset is in the PUL cover.

Best Bottom is a longstanding cloth diaper brand that can now be found at Nicki’s Diapers or on Amazon. The price-point on these are a little higher than the competition, but again if double gussets are something that you think would help you get a good fit, the very small price difference would be well worth it.

Best Bottom Cloth AI2 Shell

Best Bottom diapers are a very popular hybrid/all-in-two (AI2) style of cloth diaper. Best Bottoms is a longstanding company that is now under the Nicki's Diapers umbrella.

Their AI2 shells feature double gussets and a wipable interior so that you can wipe the cover clean and reuse it with another insert if it's not soiled.

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Best External Double Gusset Cloth Diaper Cover

As I mentioned above, external double gussets on thinner babies really help with getting a good fit, so whenever I have a cloth diapering parent struggling with leg gaps on their smaller baby who is looking for a cloth diaper cover I always recommend Wink diaper covers.

Wink cloth diaper covers are well made, offer a great fit, and are priced really well (especially with the coupon I managed to get for you). Again, I’ve fully reviewed Wink diaper covers, and you can check out that review here, but to sum it up they offer a great cloth diaper cover at a great price and the gussets are a major feature.

Wink Diapers

Wink Diapers is an American cloth diaper company based in Greensboro, NS that sells several types of cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories.

We've tested their AIO, diaper cover, inserts and wipes and love the quality for the price with this brand.


We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Not Sure What Style to Go With?

If you’re not sure what cloth diaper style you think you want to go with — pocket diapers, all-in-two cloth diapers, all-in-one diapers, etc. — I would check out the cloth diapering 101 page here where there’s some information, comparisons, and an explainer video to help you decide.

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