The Cloth Diaper Community Choice Awards: Get Involved

By April Duffy •  Updated: 07/05/24 •  5 min read

The Winners of the 2024 Cloth Diaper Community Choice Awards Have Been Chosen!

The Cloth Diapers for Beginners community has voted and chosen the winners of the 2024 Cloth Diaper Community Choice Awards!

Click here to see who won:

The awards began in 2023, and you can see that year’s winners here:

Why Do These Awards Exist?

The Cloth Diaper Community Awards exist becuase the cloth diaper community is extremely helpful and supportive. Learning about cloth diapers and their care is tough, especially in today’s world where laundry science is a mystery to most folks.

As I’ve built the Cloth Diapers for Beginners brand over the past 9 years, sure I have updated and refined my own recommendations for the best cloth diapers in 2024, but our community is over 80,000 strong over Facebook, Reddit and Subscribers (subscription form below)! The amount of experience, and knowlege our community has together is far greater than anything one person could manage.

The Cloth Diaper Community Choice Awards capitalizes on the cloth diaper community’s strength to give a leg up to those just beginning their diapering journey. They help newbies know exactly what cloth diapers and accessories to spend their time on, and offers a natural rating system to help them make decisions they will be happy with, long-term.

About the Awards: How The Winners Are Chosen

Each year the Cloth Diaper Community Choice Awards goes through a three-step process to choose the most loved cloth diapers and diaper accessories in the community:

Step One: Category Selection

From the end of December (usually just after the holidays) until the beginning of January the whole awards process begins with the Cloth Diapers for Beginners community creating the list of the categories deemed most essential by cloth diapering parents. Every year new categories emerge (such as stretchy-flats, where weren’t really a thing a few years ago) and some categories fall in popularity (all-in-two’s for example).

By participating in the category selection process, the community shapes an awards program that truly represents the collective interests and preferences of cloth-diapering families right now.

Step Two: Nomination Phase (December)

From early January to mid-January the Cloth Diapers for Beginners community nominates their favorite products in each category.

To keep our awards fair and community-focused, self-nominations are disqualified. This means it’s not possible to nominate your own company or have your paid representatives do it for you.

Some nominations do get disqualified as they are placed under the wrong category. For example, nominations of all-in-two “snap-in” diapers or pocket diapers under the all-in-one diaper category do get disqualified to keep the competition fair (so be careful if you choose to nominate your favorite diaper to put it in the right category).

Importantly, only businesses that have demonstribly been online and in business for at least one year are qualified to enter.

Step Three: Voting

At the end of 20

Will There be a 2025 Cloth Diaper Community Awards?

Yes! The community loves these awards and the opportunity they provide to celebrate the best in the industry, how could we not!

In December 2024, we will begin the 2025 Cloth Diaper Community Choice Awards process by choosing the categories.

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