Thirsties Potty Training Pants Review (Updated)

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  • Lots of sizing available
  • Can add regular-sized diaper inserts for boosting during naps, etc. 
  • Look and feel like underwear
  • Interior allows for wetness to be easily felt, which helps with training
  • Chunky top elastic makes it very easy for little hands to pull up and down
  • Good absorbency for daytime accidents


  • Waterproof TPU layer is only in the “wet zone”
  • Slightly bulkier than other similar waterproof training pants
  • Long dry time
  • Only four prints currently available

How It Was Rated

Here’s a look at how the Thirsties Training Pants earned their Cloth Diapers for Beginners star rating:

1. Absorbency and Effectiveness

The Thirsties training pants have four layers of absorbent GOTS certified organic cotton and a layer of waterproof TPU laminate in the center of the diaper, running close to the top of the diaper in the front and back, but stopping short of the waistband and sides (i.e. what’s often referred to as the “wet zone”). This wet zone allows the toddler to feel when they are wet, which helps with training but keeps that wetness from leaking out onto clothing, etc. 

While the absorbency is good, and more than adequate to catch even those larger accidents during waking hours, which is really their main job, I do wish that the waterproof layer was not just in the wet zone, but over the entire training pant. Without a booster, an impromptu nap for a toddler who won’t yet wake up when wet, will likely lead to leaking all around the TPU layer’s edge especially in the back, as it did for me on more than one occasion.  With that said, all of the waterproof training pants in the same category have this same problem, but the Thirsties trainer had the largest waterproof zone by size (when comparing like-sized training pants) and was the only one with a large enough crotch area to allow use of a regular sized insert. For these reasons, the Thirsties training pant quickly became my favourite training pant for planned naps.

Though Thirsties says you can add absorbency for nighttime use, unless your little one is potty trained at night and will only have a smaller accident before waking, I don’t see these being adequate for night time use for this same reason. While I found adding an insert would get me through most planned naps, if your little one also takes longer naps, and doesn’t wake when wet, extra precautions like a mattress protector pad should be taken. 

2. Adjustability and Fit

While these training pants are of course not adjustable like a cloth diaper, as they’re made to look and feel like “big-kid underwear,” and be easy to pull up and down, one of the best things about the Thirsties training pants is the number of sizes available and the nice overlap in sizing. Here’s a breakdown of the sizes available:

Small: 20-27 lbs; Waist: 15-19″; Thighs: 9-14″; Rise*: 12.75″
Medium: 26-35 lbs: Waist: 16-23″; Thighs: 9.5-14.5″; Rise*: 14.5″
Large: 33-45 lbs; Waist: 17-26 “; Thighs: 10-16″; Rise*: 15.75”
X-Large: 42-56+ lbs; Waist: 17-27.5″; Thighs: 11-18″; Rise*: 17.75″

*Thirsties says their rise is measured from the top of the pant in front, to the top of the pant in back, through the legs. 

3. Prints and Fabrics

At the time of publishing this update, Thirsties has four prints listed on their site as available and has discontinued two prints (including Unicorntopia my daughter’s favorite print).

I’d love to see more options to keep picky toddlers interested.

The outer layer of the pants are made of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex. This fabric is very soft to the touch and feels just like a good-quality t-shirt. Unfortunately, like a favorite t-shirt the outer fabric, including the leg bands, does pill a bit with several washes. As mentioned earlier, there are four inner body absorbent layers are made of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and a middle layer of 100% polyester with waterproof TPU laminate, which is only in the center, not the sides or top inch or so near the waistband.  

The waistband is nice and thick, making it easy for little hands to grab onto to pull up and down. The leg bands, however, are made a large loop of fabric with a smaller elastic inside. I believe this was likely a design choice to help with easy pulling up and down, and the strength of the leg elastics is good, but the elastic itself does move around and get twisted inside the fabric during washing, and needs to be checked and re-flattened before use, which is a bit of a nuisance, but not something so bad I considered it a con. 

One con to all that absorbance and waterproof layer is that these training pants take a very long time to dry. When deciding how many training pants you’ll need, drying time can mean you’ll need extras, which of course costs more. 

4. Support and Warranty

Thirsties is a well-known brand that I’ve personally seen offer great customer service and stand by their products. According to their website warranty information page, they offer a one-year limited warranty.

I feel confident in recommending Thirsties as a brand as I have seen them stand by their products time and time again when issues have been raised in cloth diaper Facebook groups.

5. Price and Availability

Thirsties training pants are definitely an investment as they are not cheap.  With that said, they are completely on par with the other waterproof training pants in the same category.

Thirsties training pants are available at most cloth diaper retailers and on Amazon. Their wide availability is likely due to the Thirsties brand being so strong and longstanding in the market, as the training pants themselves only came onto the market in 2018. 

Other Reviews

Reading a lot of product reviews to see if the training pant you’re looking at is as good as it seems is part of the shopping process for a lot of folks, but it can be a pain to search for reviews and read through all the spammy ones or ones that turn out to be about a different product.

To save you the trouble, I’ve combed through the internet and placed below summaries of all the other reputable reviews about Thirsties’ training pants that I could find. To see the full review, you can click on the name of the reviewer below each snippet.  

Thirsties Training Pants are quickly becoming a top favourite of mine….
If you need something absorbent with the sizing flexibility offered by Thirsties, the Thirsties Potty Training Pant is a great choice. The expensive price means they are awesome and you totally go this potty training thing.”

Simply Mom Bailey

I know the brand has been working on this creation for quite some time, and I think they got it right. My toddler is very particular, and he is a superfan of these….I highly recommend giving these a go if you’re stuck in the potty training department. Of course, there’s more to it than just the perfect pant, but these Thirsties “undies” make potty training a bit more exciting and comfortable for toddlers. They’ve worked wonders for us, so you better believe we’re celebrating these and giving them a perfect rating.

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