Mother Ease Bedwetter Pant Review

By April Duffy •  Updated: 05/24/24 •  10 min read

Despite the high price tag, the shocking-at-first poofyness of it, and the very long drying time of the Mother ease bedwetting pant, it’s actually one of the best products I’ve ever owned. These pants are simple, don’t require any preparation or stuffing, stop leaks in their tracks, hold a ridiculous amount of liquid, and hold up to an excessive amount of washing.

I can’t recommend the Mother ease bedwetting pant (Amazon link) highly enough for anyone dealing with nighttime potty training or overnight bedwetting.

TOP Performing Bedwetting/Night Training Pant
Mother Ease Bedwetting Pants

With very forgiving sizes that will easily fit kiddos just shy of 30 lbs right up to 65 lbs, these bedwetting pants are the overnight diaper equivalent of a tankthey will literally hold everything! Even better they will stand the test of time and look brand new for years (if properly cared for of course)!

I can't recommend these enough for older kiddos struggling with bedwetting.



Note: Mother ease did not sponsor this post, nor did it provide me with any products or services in return for this review. I am reviewing this product just for the information of Cloth Diaper for Beginners readers, so that they can make informed choices when shopping for their growing little ones.

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How It Was Rated:

 1. Absorbency and Effectiveness

When it comes to preventing leaks and holding in a large amount of urine a toddler can somehow produce during the night, Mother Ease Bedwetter Training Pants are bulletproof.

According to the Mother ease website, the pants are made to hold 21 oz of liquid. That’s one ounce more than a Venti Starbucks drink! I find that completely believable, and think it might even be an underestimation. These things hold a lot! Even better, is that they hold a lot without adding anything to them whatsoever. They have everything you need in one neat package.

The pants also have a good elastic around each leg and the waist, which is completely sewn into the fabric around it, making it fit nice and snug even when your kiddo is at the bottom of the weight range.

I’ll say it again: bulletproof!

Part of any training pant’s effectiveness of course is how well kids are able to use it. Of all the nighttime potty pants, the Mother ease bedwetter pants are the only ones that my daughter can pull up on her own easily without help. This is in large part due to the fact that it’s an all-in-one product. With the other options out there stuffing is needed, and for some reason, the pockets seem to be short, so every time she pulls them up, I need to help her adjust the inserts inside. This is not a problem with the Mother ease. She just pulls them up and is ready to go.

2. Adjustability and Fit

Because the Mother ease bedwetter pant is a pull-on trainer, it isn’t adjustable. That said, the weight ranges each size covers will last the average kid a long time so you won’t be buying these in the next size up for a while (if at all, depending on your nighttime training success).

Here’s the approximate sizing:

X-Small30 – 40 lbs15 “- 21”10 “- 13”
Small40 – 55 lbs16″ – 23″12″ – 16″
Medium55 – 65 lbs19″ – 26″13″ – 17″

The fit within the size range is truly great. I purchased my first x-small when kiddo was just 31.5 lbs and only had a waist of 12″ but it still fits great and I’ve had zero leaks.

All that said, it should be noted that these aren’t trim training pants by any means. When you first put them on you’ll be calling them all kinds of fun names like ‘marshmallow pants’ or ‘cloud pants’ and you may even wonder if they will impede sleeping, but they won’t and you’ll get used to the poof quickly when you don’t have to change sheets any longer.
After all, all that absorbency and fit stretch has to come from somewhere; poof seems to be the trade-off here.

3. Prints and Fabrics

Unfortunately, Mother ease bedwetting pants don’t come in very many prints at this time. Currently, they can only be found in plain white, a dinosaur print, and a girly unicorn print.

Cuteness aside, the fabrics used in this bedwetter pant are great. The pant has a polyester PUL fabric outer layer, which is not thick or stiff like some cloth diaper covers, it’s actually quite flexible and soft, which is an important thing considering how poofy these are (see above).

The inside has several layers of terry cotton sewn into the pul and elastic waist/legs. Sewn into the top and bottom of that is an additional panel of many layers or cotton terry which wraps completely around from front to back and side to side, except for about two inches a the top of each side where it’s sewn in (which helps with turning it inside out).

That additional panel of terry is what makes this bedwetter pant so great. It provides all the absorbency you need, stays in place, but can still be flipped around for drying. Trust me, you need to flip that panel up for drying because otherwise, this thing would never dry. All those layers of super-absorbent terry that make the pant so effective, mean a very slow drying time.

Luckily, you can dry these in a dryer without voiding your warranty, but make sure to use a medium setting. Here’s what Mother ease says about drying these:

“If you are going to dry your diapers in your dryer, we recommend using a medium heat setting. Typically, our diapers and inserts on a medium heat setting will dry in one cycle. If you’re drying our Bedwetter Pant, however, you will likely need a second cycle, as this product has so much absorbency that it will take longer to get all the moisture out.”

Should I only dry my cloth diapers on low heat? Mother ease. 2018-10-17 – Ask Erika: Drying Cloth Diapers

As for durability, I’ve laundered my Mother ease pant an insane number of times. I don’t have an exact number, but at the time of writing this, I have owned it for approx five months and washed it either daily, or every other day that entire time. With all that washing, except for a bit of discoloration from washing it with dark colors (I’m only nighttime training right now, so I’m washing my trainers with regular laundry), it looks perfect. I’m sure with some sun sessions I could get it back to its original color, but if I had been more careful with what I had washed it with, it would be as though I had just purchased it yesterday. I don’t think I could have said that for any of my cloth diapers.

4. Support and Warranty

Mother ease diapers have been around since 1991. That’s a long time in the cloth diaper space, which is still relatively new. For a company to be around that long in this space, it’s clear that they truly care and believe in their diapers, which you can see clearly in their warranty, which is pretty awesome compared to some other cloth companies.

The product warranty offered by Mother ease, which you can read here, is quite extensive and includes:

5. Price and availability

So far in this review, I’ve sounded a bit like a cheerleader, so you’re probably wondering how I’ll react to the pretty steep price tag of the Mother ease bedwetter pant. If you follow me and this site, you’ll know I am cheeeeeap! I hate spending a lot of money, especially for something someone pees on.

Well, as it turns out, even with the high price tag, when compared to the other nighttime pull-up trainers on the market, Mother ease actually works out to be cheaper! That’s because that while the prices of all of them are roughly the same, Mother ease bedwetter pants are the only one that doesn’t require you use extra inserts or stuffing if you’re little one is a heavy wetter. All of the other options come with a few layers of absorbency only and require you to add more absorbency in a pocket as needed. This extra absorbency costs extra money, pushing the total cost of the other systems well above that of the Mother ease bedwetting pants.

So, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but even though the price tag is high and comes with some sticker shock, they are actually a good deal. I mean, if you compare them to the cost of however many boxes of disposables you’d need to buy before kiddo is completely potty trained at night it’s kind of a steal (especially since they are better. My daughter will leak through a Huggies pull-up at night, but not the Mother ease bedwetter pant).

Other Reviews

Part of shopping process is of course reading a lot of product reviews to see if the diaper or training pant you’re looking at is as good as it seems, but it can be a pain to search for them and read through all the spammy reviews or reviews that end up to be about a different product. To save you the trouble, I always include links and snippets from all the other reviews I could find online (good and bad) so you can have as many opinions as there are out there if you need them.

Here the other reviews I could find: 

“I also want to note that the craftsman ship is just really there. It feels [like it’s] very good quality, that’s the first thing I noticed out of the package I’ve already washed and dried it many, many times, and it still looks brand new.”

Ellen V.S.

“Fantastic for special needs.”

-Cloth Nappy Doctor

“Mother ease Bedwetter [pants are] my all-time favorite. This is an expensive diaper, but it is essentially an all-in-one pull-on diaper.”

Cloth Diaper Podcast

TOP Performing Bedwetting/Night Training Pant
Mother Ease Bedwetting Pants

With very forgiving sizes that will easily fit kiddos just shy of 30 lbs right up to 65 lbs, these bedwetting pants are the overnight diaper equivalent of a tankthey will literally hold everything! Even better they will stand the test of time and look brand new for years (if properly cared for of course)!

I can't recommend these enough for older kiddos struggling with bedwetting.

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