2023 Cloth Diaper Community Choice Awards

By April Duffy •  Updated: 02/21/23 •  5 min read

The Winners of the 2023 Cloth Diaper Community Choice Awards Have Been Chosen!

The Cloth Diapers for Beginners community has voted and chosen the winners of the 2023 Cloth Diaper Community Choice Awards!

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How the 2023 Winners and Nominees Were Chosen

In November 2022, the Cloth Diapers for Beginners Facebook Community hit and surpassed 50,000 active members! The Cloth Diaper for Beginners list of newsletter subscribers also hit 25,000 members, with many not a part of the Facebook group(and being counted twice).

With that many minds, creating a list of the most loved and appreciated cloth diapers on the market was finally possible!

In 2022 we first asked the community to vote on the categories they would like to see included. From a long list the most popular 15 categories were chosen.

Here are the chosen categories:

  1. Best Cloth Diaper Brand
  2. Best Cloth Diaper Retailer*
  3. Best All-in-One Diaper
  4. Best Pocket Diaper
  5. Best Fitted Diaper
  6. Best Prefold Diaper
  7. Best Flat, Stretchy Flat, or Preflat Diaper
  8. Best Overnight Diaper
  9. Best Diaper Cover
  10. Best Cloth Diaper Insert **
  11. Best Swim Diaper
  12. Best Bargain Diaper
  13. Best Detergent for Cloth Diapers
  14. Best Stain Remover
  15. Best Diaper Pail

Next, nominations under each of the 15 categories chosen by the Cloth Diapers for Beginners Community took place.

What Were the Nomination Rules

There were some rules regarding who could make nominations, and what companies and products could be nominated.


  1. Owners, employees, representatives, and ambassadors for a company can not nominate the brand they derive direct financial or other benefits from.
  2. The company nominated must have been in operation for more than 12 months, and must have a working website. 
  3. The company must not be breaking any laws, including copyright infringement.
  4. Once successfully nominated, a company and/or product will qualify for voting, so there’s absolutely no need to make multiple nominations. 
  5. To be successfully nominated, all required questions must be answered fully and truthfully. 
  6. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone, at any time, for any reason, unless you choose to share your name selecting the option to below. 

Failure to comply with any of these rules led to several nominations being disqualified. 

Choosing the Winners

Once the nominees were elected, voting began, closing on February 9th, 2023. Voting was only enabled once per user in each category, but community members could vote in multiple or all categories, one at a time.

The nominee with the most votes, won the category. Ties were awarded to both winners.

Will there be a 2024 Cloth Diaper Community Awards?

Yes! The response was so positive, how could we not!

In December 2023, we will begin the 2024 Cloth Diaper Community Choice Awards process by choosing the categories.

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