How to Repair A Diaper (Applecheeks)

By April Duffy •  Updated: 06/02/24 •  2 min read

But the fact is, washing any piece of clothing over and over on a heavy-duty laundry cycle will cause wear and tear. For diapers, often the first things to go are the elastics and snaps. Both these parts of the diaper are of course essential. Loose elastics mean cloth diaper leaks, and broken snaps mean fit issues, which also lead to leaks.

Luckily, moms are nothing if not resourceful, so if you can sew, there are a ton of tutorials out there on how to fix these issues. If you have worn out AppleCheeks brand diapers, I have found a number of fantastic video tutorials for you on how to fix them, which I have posted below.

These videos are all by YouTuber TheAgnolins and only require a sewing machine, a seam ripper, and either some new snaps or some new elastic (1/2″ wide) depending on what you’re fixing.

Finally, if you watch the repair videos and realize you just don’t want to take the time to fix up your old AppleCheeks Diapers, I have some information on the ReLove Project for you.

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