Mama Koala Reusable Menstrual Pads: Worth The Switch?

By April Duffy •  Updated: 07/14/24 •  7 min read

Mama Koala has recently ventured into the menstrual care market with their new line of reusable menstrual pads.

As someone who has been using cloth menstrual pads for years, I was excited to try out Mama Koala’s new line of reusable menstrual pads. After recently reviewing their covers, inserts, and pocket diapers, I’ve become a big fan of their products (and prices), so I was eager to see how their menstrual pads would compare.

How Did We Rate Mama Koala’s Menstrual Pads?

Absorbency and Effectiveness: How Well Do They Work?

One of the most critical aspects of any menstrual pad is its ability to handle your flow without leaking. Let’s delve into the specifics of Mama Koala’s performance in this department:

Absorbency and Leaking: I had no leaks or wetness at all with Mama Koala’s pads during my medium and light flow days. However, knowing what I do about fabrics after so many years of testing cloth diapers, I do have some concerns about using a pad with only two layers of microfiber inside, such as this one, for very heavy flow days. Microfiber’s absorbency is limited and prone to compression leaks, which could potentially cause some issues on a heavy flow day. While I couldn’t test this personally, it’s just something to consider.

Staying Put and Mitigating Leaks: I initially had reservations about the smooth TPU outer layer and its ability to stay put. Luckily, the adjustable snap design effectively countered this, keeping the pad securely in place. Additionally, a thoughtful touch is the subtle stitching along the sides, creating a slight channel that could potentially slow down any side leakage.

Microfleece – Does it Hinder Absorption? While microfleece toppers can sometimes impede absorption in cloth diapers, when considering if it could become a problem I realized that for years I’ve used minky-topped reusable menstrual pads for all types of flow, even during heavy postpartum flow. Minky is even more prone to slow absorption and it never caused me an issue so I don’t anticipate microfleece would be any different. I’m even more reassured since Mama Koala has incorporated features like the side channels, which would counter any potential slowness caused by the microfleece.

Overall, Mama Koala’s menstrual pads were very effective for me personally, and I believe they would be sufficient for most normal periods, though of course, individual experiences can vary. I give them a good 0.5 out of 1 in this category.

If you have a very heavy flow, I would maybe recommend testing one Mama Koala pad before buying a full set, especially if you plan on using them overnight without backup period underwear, but all in all, I think in most cases they will keep you as leak-free and dry-feeling as they did me.

Star Rating for Absorbency and Effectiveness: 0.5/1

Adjustability and Fit: Can You Get a Comfortable Fit?

A well-fitting menstrual pad is essential for comfort and preventing leaks. Let’s examine how Mama Koala’s pads fare in this area:

Overall Fit Impression: The range of sizes and adjustable snaps demonstrate Mama Koala’s focus on providing users with a comfortable and secure fit. I’m happy to give them a full 1 out of 1-star rating in this category.

Star Rating for Adjustability and Fit: 1/1

Prints and Fabrics: Style and Functionality

Mama Koala often entices us with a wide variety of prints, so it was almost surprising to see they currently only offer around a dozen prints across all sizes, along with pre-set combo packs of six floral designs (which come with a bonus mini-wetbag).

Since menstrual pads are a fairly new offering from Mama Koala I’m hoping they will expand both their print selection and offer other absorbency l choices if they gain popularity. On the bright side, the existing floral prints are gorgeous.

I do personally find the TPU on the outside to be a little warm, but it is an effective way to keep your pad leakproof on the underside and for Mama Koala this choice makes sense.

Overall, TPU, charcoal fleece, and microfiber are all solid choices. While I would personally love more absorbency options or greater customization (beyond the two layers of microfiber), the overall quality of the fabrics is spot on in my opinion for a first iteration, especially considering the great price point (which I’ll get to in a moment).

Star Rating for Prints and Fabrics: 0.5/1

Support and Warranty: Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Mama Koala has demonstrated a strong commitment to their customers, starting with a generous 365-day warranty on products purchased directly from their website. Customers can easily contact Mama Koala with any issues or claims.

In my experience, the company is highly responsive to questions on social media, email and their website.

Mama Koala appears dedicated to improving their products (like their recently updated 3.0 pockets) and launching new options. There can occasionally be a slight language barrier, but Mama Koala’s customer service team makes an evident effort to resolve problems and ensure satisfaction.

It is clear through their attentiveness that Mama Koala places priority on delivering a positive customer experience. They actively solicit product feedback and are continuously working to upgrade designs and launch new offerings.

Considering their responsive support and satisfaction commitment, I’m always happy to award Mama Koala’s product a full one-star rating for excellent overall warranty and customer service, and our reviewer agreed. 

Star Rating for Support and Warranty: 1/1

Price and Availability: Are They a Good Value?

At present, Mama Koala’s reusable menstrual products are not available on like their cloth diapers; however, this may change as they gain popularity. You can still purchase them directly from the Mama Koala website.

The price point is excellent! For example, a 6-pack of the XL size, which includes a free mini wet bag, is an incredible value at just $20.99 (before any discounts). It’s important to remember that prices are subject to change, so always double-check on their website for the most up-to-date information.

Special Offer: Our audience can enjoy an exclusive 15% discount (excluding trial backs) with the code CDFB15MK. This code is valid on Mama Koala’s website, has no minimum purchase requirement, and can be used once per account. Be sure to take advantage of this offer – it has no expiration date!

Star Rating for Price and Availability: 1/1

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars!

I am very impressed with the Mama Koala menstrual pads. They are comfortable, effective, and affordable. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a sustainable and cost-effective reusable menstrual pad.

Final Recommendation

I recommend the Mama Koala menstrual pads for individuals with light to moderate menstrual flow who prioritize comfort, fit, and affordability. While they may not be the ideal choice for heavy flow, they offer a solid option for everyday use.

Given their ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and the potential for future improvements, I’m pretty optimistic Mama Koala has the potential to become a leading player in the reusable menstrual care market, and I’ll be keeping my eye on them!

April Duffy

April is the founder of Cloth Diapers for Beginners and author of The Cloth Diaper Wash & Care Handbook. Since 2015, April has helped well over 75,000 parents and caregivers cloth diaper their children through this website, her book, her YouTube Channel, and the Cloth Diapers for Beginners Facebook Group.