Bumworks Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer Review


  • All metal construction, except for sprayer mount
  • Easy to install, if you know what you’re doing
  • Well priced


  • Manufacturer, Kaydee Baby, is not very responsive (I will update this if they respond to my queries)
  • The t-valve (piece that connects the sprayer to the water line, and acts as an on/off switch) is finicky and it can be difficult to get good water pressure
  • The hanger for the sprayer is a bit small/poorly designed, so the sprayer can fall off on some toilets
  • Instillation instructions not as clear as they could be
  • Will not work with the Diaper Dawgs spray collar

How to Install the Bumworks Sprayer

Other Reviews

For some reason, this cloth diaper sprayer is listed on a lot of spammy looking sites offering reviews that have plainly wrong information, but I spent some time and combed the internet to find the few real reviews that exist. Here they are:

“The Bumworks Cloth Diaper Sprayer is my favorite by far…. It has a powerful spray that really breaks up any kind of left-over “stuff” hanging around on the cloth diaper.

-Maternity Glow

“The reason I picked this one is because the [spray head] is made of metal. It’s made of brass, and a lot of the other mainstream diaper sprayers, the handle is made of supposedly really durable plastic, but I know that plastic doesn’t really last very long. 


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