What are All-in-Two Cloth Diapers?

By April Duffy •  Updated: 05/18/24 •  5 min read

On our cloth diapers where to start page, I explain that all diapers are made of two parts: a waterproof or water-resistant shell, and layers of absorbent material placed inside that shell.

So, what are all-in-two-diapers? Just as like all diapers, all-in-two diapers (often referred to as AI2 diapers) are made up of two pieces: a waterproof or water-resistant shell, and an insert, made of several layers of absorbent material(s), which is snapped or otherwise attached to the shell. It’s that attaching/detaching feature that makes a diaper an all-in-two instead of something else, that’s really it.

All-in-two diapers are interesting, as that attaching and detaching makes them a cross between all-in-one diapers, and prefold diapers paired with diaper covers.

To explain, once the insert is attached inside the cover, the diaper is ready to go and essentially a one-step diaper just like an all-in-one, BUT because the insert can easily be unattached, after a simple wet diaper, the soaked insert can be taken out, the cover wiped down, and a new insert snapped in place, meaning less diaper covers are needed — just like when using prefolds and covers.

You can read more about all-in-ones here, and more about prefolds here.

This means that all-in-two diapers may be the best solution for those looking for economical diapers that are also daycare/grandparent friendly.

All-in-two diaper brands also often offer disposable inserts for their all-in-two diapers. A diaper cover that’s paired with a disposable diaper is called a “hybrid diaper,” which is why you can sometimes see some diapers labelled “all-in-two/ hybrid” (so confusing, I know). If you’d like to learn more about hybrid diapers instead of all-in-two’s, check out this post here.

What are the Pros and Cons of All-in-Two Cloth Diapers?



Top All-in-Two Cloth Diapers

1. GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diapers (Top Choice)

GroVia disposable inserts, when used with their snap-in soaker pads, are true all-in-two cloth diapers.

Here’s a good video showing how to use the GroVia hybrid diapers both as a hybrid diaper and an all-in-two diaper:

GroVia hybrid diapers are my top choice for all-in-two diapers, not only because they are an economical option (especially when taking advantage of their bulk discounts, more info on those here) but also because their disposable inserts are actually somewhat eco-friendly if you decide to use them now and again.

Where Can I Find GroVia Hybrid Diapers?

You can purchase GroVia Hybrid diapers both on Amazon, or directly via their website, where they offer package deals. Here’s some links to check them out:

GroVia Hybrid Diaper Shell

Available with both a snap or Velcro closure, GroVia hybrids work with both reusable and disposable cloth diaper inserts.

Even better, the snap-in cloth diaper inserts and boosters are available in both polyester and organic cotton so the diaper is fully customizable to your needs.

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AI2s have an attachable insert, which means that the shell can be reused for more than one diaper change.  All-in-two cloth diapers are a favorite many reasons including their simplicity, customizable absorbency, quick drying times, affordability, and versatility!

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