HeepWah Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer Review

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  • Easy instillation instructions, with all materials included, even the plumbers tape
  • Pressure of the water spray is adjustable at the handle
  • Brushed nickel finish on all parts, including the sprayer, hose, and sprayer holder
  • Sprayer holder can be hung from the tank, or mounted on the wall
  • Thirty day money back guarantee and a three year manufacturer warranty on all replacement parts
  • Company seems to have a strong commitment to customer service 
  • Well priced for the quality received


  • Will not work with the Diaper Dawgs spray collar

How to Install the HeepWah Baby Sprayer

Luckily, installing the HeepWah Baby cloth diaper sprayer is actually pretty simple. In this video, one of the folks from HeepWah Baby walks you through the set-up step-by-step.

Other Reviews

One review is good, several is best. With that in mind, I’ve went through the Google results and compiled all of the real, non-spammy reviews of the HeepWah sprayer that I could find. You can click on the name of each reviewer below to be taken to their full review.

“Would I recommend the sprayer? I would! It’s a great price and has been performing really well in our home for several weeks now!

Mama Banana’s Adventures

“Dealing with poo is not fun, but the HeepWah Baby Diaper Sprayer makes it so much easier. I honestly can’t imagine cloth diapering without ours. If you are on the fence about investing in a cloth diaper sprayer, the HeepWah Baby Diaper Sprayer is a great affordable option.

Watts Up Mom


“I feel like this sprayer works amazing. It’s a very nice high-quality sprayer, it works very well. The only thing that I would change about the design is that the handle does get very cold. We live in Montana, it’s 29 degrees out right now so it’s below freezing, and the handle does get cold. 

Jess Is Blessed

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