Best Halloween Cloth Diaper Prints: 2019 Edition

Cloth diapers come with a lot of perks, no blow-outs, no running out of diapers unexpectedly, etc., but for some, the best thing about cloth diapers are the ridiculously cute prints. 

Since Halloween is right around the corner, why not celebrate by taking a look at some of the cute Halloween prints available this year. Below you’ll find some of the cutest Halloween prints around in both pocket diapers and cloth diaper covers.

Disclaimers: While this is a “best of” article, the main qualification for being on this list is a cute Hallowe’en print. That means that while I’ve excluded any diapers I found that are counterfiet, or in my opinion so poorly made they will not work at all, I am including diapers of all sorts of qualities and absorbencies. The only prequalification other than being usable is that it’s super cute!

Please also note that some links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a qualifying purchase through one of those links (at no additional cost to you). Read the full disclosure.

LilBit Halloween Diapers (Amazon)

LilBit is offering their line-up of halloween pocket diapers in two ways.

If you’re looking for a package of diapers to get you through the whole day, LilBit offers two Halloween packages of five pocket diapers and 10 microfiber inserts.
The first pack has three spooky scenes and two solids, and the second has jack-o-lantern and mummy faces with solids. Both are ridiculously cute.

You can check out the two packages on Amazon here.

If you don’t want five Halloween diapers, LilBit does also sell them individually. You can check out the individual prices here on Amazon.

No matter how many you choose, they are all going to make one cutie-spooky-booty!

AlvaBaby Halloween Limited Prints (AlvaBaby)

Alva Baby diapers are perhaps the best known discount direct-from-China pocket diaper brands out there. They are known for their cute prints and good prices. This fall, their website features a Halloween print limited sale

Pumpkins, bats, ghosts, cats; no matter what your halloween favorite is, Alva Baby is likely to have it for you. You can check out all the prints on their website here.

Thirsties Jet (Most Cloth Diaper Retailers)

The two previous sets of Halloween diapers were all discount brands, if you’re looking for a high-quality diaper, you may be happy to hear that Thirsties just released an all-black diaper called Jet (they also released a music diaper called Symphonic at the same time, which is why it’s in the photo)..

Jet comes in Duo Wraps (diaper covers), newborn AIO’s, one-size AIO’s, pocket diapers and even wet bags. I think this color would be perfect holiday not only for Hallowe’en but for New Years too!

Jet is a limited edition, so if you love it, be sure to snap one up ASAP. You can check out Jet on one of my recommended retailers pages, Cloth Diaper Kids, here. You can also check your local area for retailers by using the Cloth Diapers for Beginners Directory here.

AppleCheeks Orange You Glad (Most Cloth Diaper Retailers)

If black isn’t your colour, another premium-quality brand, AppleCheeks has an orange solid colour diaper cover that’s to die for.

AppleCheeks Orange You Glad is the perfect orange for a fall/Halloween fluff-bum! Its available in both one-sized covers as well as the sized covers.

AppleCheeks covers is by far one of my favorite brands. Being Canadian, AppleCheeks is a little harder to find at retailers than Thirsties, but they are worth the search. You can find both the one-size and the sized covers at Cloth Diaper Kids here. The sized covers are also available on Amazon here. Or of course you can search the Cloth Diaper Directory here.

Got Another Halloween Print to Add?

Know of another Halloween Print that can be added to the list? Let us know, drop by the Cloth Diapers for Beginners Facebook Page here, and drop a link in the post about Halloween prints, and see if there are any others there as well!

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