Photo of Raleigh, North Carolina. Finding Cloth Diapers in North Carolina.

Where to Find Cloth Diapers in North Carolina

I believe everyone should be able to find cloth diapers close to home if that’s important to them, and so I’ve put together here directory to help you find cloth diapers in North Carolina. To track-down cloth diapers in other areas of Canada or the USA, please visit the cloth diaper directory main page.

Cloth diaper retailers, manufacturers, and cloth diaper services in North Carolina are listed here alphabetically. If you do not find a retailer you know in your area and would like to suggest it be listed, please feel free to contact me!


Cloth Diapers in Brown Summit, North Carolina

Wink Diapers


Cloth Diapers in Charlotte, North Carolina

Ivy’s Diaper Service

(Cloth Diaper Service & Brick and Mortar)
Phone: 704-807-3016

Ivy’s Diaper Service is located in Charlotte, NC and offers a healthy and natural way to diaper your baby. Ivy’s will pick-up, wash, and deliver cloth diapers to your home each week so you can enjoy cloth without any of the dirty work. Ivy’s also teaches monthly cloth diapering 101 classes and has a retail cloth shop (with free local delivery) so you can come in and check things out for yourself.

Cloth Diapers in Raleigh, North Carolina

Clean Start Diaper Service

(Cloth Diaper Service)
Phone: 919-218-9430

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