Where to Find Cloth Diapers in Iowa

Shopping locally is important for so many reasons, and for cloth diaper beginners it also means a local source of support and help when beginning to cloth diaper. To help make it a little easier to find local retailers, services, and brands in Iowa, USA I’ve put together this directory for you. To track-down cloth diapers in other areas of North America, please visit the cloth diaper directory main page.

Cloth diaper retailers, manufacturers, and cloth diaper services in the state of Iowa are listed below alphabetically by city. If you do not find a retailer you know is in your area and would like to suggest it be listed, please feel free to contact me!

Cloth Diapers in Des Moines, Iowa

Babydale Diaper Service

(Cloth Diaper Service)
Phone: 763-807-6090
Email: info@babydalediaperservice.com
Website: babydalediaperservice.comOpens in a new tab.


Phone: 515-462-0790
Email: sarah@wallypop.net
Website: wallypop.netOpens in a new tab.

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