Where to find cloth diapers in BC.

Where to Find Cloth Diapers in British Columbia

Finding cloth diapers in your hometown can be one of the hardest roadblocks to cloth diapering. But here you’ll find cloth diaper resources right in British Columbia, Canada

To track-down cloth diapers in other areas of North America, please visit the cloth diaper directory page.

If you know of another cloth diaper retailer, cloth diaper service, or manufacturer in your local part of BC, and want it to be listed, please contact me!

Nanaimo, BC

Happy Island Diaper Service

(Brick and Mortar & Online)
Phone: 1-866-922-7377
Email: happyislanddiapers@gmail.com
Website: happyislanddiapers.com

Huckleberry Baby Shop

(Brick and Mortar & Online)
Phone: 250-585-5552
Email: info@huckleberrybabyshop.com
Website: huckleberrybabyshop.com

Port Coquitlam, BC

New and Green Baby Company

Phone: 888-373-5566
Email: info@newandgreen.com
Website: newandgreen.com

Surrey, BC

Happy Baby Cheeks Cloth Diaper Service

(Cloth Diaper Service)
Phone: 604-539-8322
Email: info@happybabycheeks.ca
Website: happybabycheeks.ca

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