Where to Find Cloth Diapers in Alaska

Cloth diaper retailers, manufacturers, and cloth diaper services based in Alaska are listed below alphabetically. If there’s a retailer you know in your area you think should be listed please feel free to contact me and let me know!

Anchorage, AK

Happy Bottoms Diaper Service

(Cloth Diaper Service)
Phone: 907-903-2229
Email: info@happybottomsdiaperservice.com
Website: happybottomsdiaperservice.comOpens in a new tab.

Cloth diapering made simple! Happy Bottoms Diaper Service offers cloth diaper pickup, laundering and delivery in the Anchorage Bowl and surrounding communities. Cleansing and soothing products are locally sourced and manufactured. One on one diapering tutorial and product samples included in set up. Diapers are cleaned to surgical standards and lab tested on a monthly basis to ensure safety and comfort. Courteous and responsive staff are available Monday thru Friday, 9-5.

Wasilla, AK

The Arctic Co

(Brick and Mortar & Online)
Phone: 907-570-1878
Email: info@thearcticco.com
Website: thearcticco.comOpens in a new tab.

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