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Welcome to the Cloth Diapers for Beginners cloth diaper directory, which lists cloth diaper stores, cloth diaper services and cloth diaper resources geographically to help you find cloth diapers and cloth diaper help locally.

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Cloth Diaper Directory: Canada

Cloth Diaper Directory: America


When I was a cloth diaper beginner, I wanted to find and buy cloth diapers near me, not only because I believe in shopping locally, but because I wanted to see and touch a few diapers before making a decision.

But as I quickly found out, finding stores that carry cloth diapers at all was a challenge, let alone finding local stores that sell cloth diapers, especially as many stores that sell cloth diapers focus on other goods like clothing and toys.

Google search after Google search turned up nothing but a single online store for me, but after making some purchases, I found other sources that were available near me that I didn’t know about.

To save you some of that frustration that I felt, I have put together this cloth diaper directory of retailers, manufacturers/brands, and cloth diaper services, which is broken down geographically by US state and Canadian province, and then alphabetically by city.

I hope you find it helpful as you begin your cloth diaper search.

If you know of a cloth diaper business in the United States or Canada that you feel should be included in the directory, please let me know.

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