Cloth Diaper Consultations


Stop wasting time feeling overwhelmed by choice, don’t throw money away on unnecessary purchases, and feel confident and supported as you cloth diaper.

Know what to buy, where to buy it, how to care for it, and exactly how to use it all, 
WITHOUT hours upon hours of research, feeling overwhelmed, and taking bad advice.

No More Bad Information. No More Doubts!

I’ve been there. There are way too many options, everybody has different opinions, and you feel like you have to be a scientist to figure out the whole washing thing. After a while, cloth diapers just start to sound intimidating and exhausting.

Just like breastfeeding, and just like sleep training, when you don’t have someone to mentor you, cloth diapering does take a LOT of research and a some trial and error to figure out, and then things can change as your baby grows. And the stakes are just as high; smells, leaks, and painful rashes can come with the territory when you’re in the weeds. Frustrated parents find themselves falling back on disposables, losing the many health benefits they gained from using cloth, dealing with chemical burns and blowouts, and spending much of the savings they earned.

It’s all so frustrating, but very avoidable, with the right information.

While there are Lactation Consultants and Sleep Coaches aplenty, one-on-one cloth diaper help hasn’t been available outside of the retail space. Until now, of course!

Sorry for the cheesy line, but it’s true.

Young babies don’t do much more than eat, sleep, and poop, and many parents need a little guidance with all three, especially when getting back to natural methods for dealing with each of those.

I think back to my first days trying to find cloth diapers and figure them out and how much time, effort, frustration, and actual cash I would have saved with some real help, and I know it would have been game changing.

After years of cloth diapering and helping others cloth diaper, I am eager to pay it forward help you cut out the lost time and expense of figuring out what cloth diapers and care routine are best for you and your situation. You’ll learn how to diaper your baby successfully from birth to potty, all while I support you throughout the process.

Save Money

Buying something that looks like a good deal but only lasts you four months sucks. Similarly, buying too many or too little diapers for your lifestyle can also be a waste of money.

When shopping, buying from a retailer who sells you the world but has terrible customer service or no warranties can also be costly in the long run.

I’ll help you pinpoint exactly what to buy and give you some ideas on where is best to get it.

Save Time

Wash and care routines are not a one-size-fits all thing, and if you’re looking up your detergent on that other cloth diaper site, you’re in for some trouble if you follow their generic instructions (read more about that here).

I’ll take all the hours of research and guess work out of every step by giving you easy instructions on how to properly use and care for your diapers with your specific machine, water supply, and preferred detergent.

Get Support

Road blocks happen. Allergies to diaper creams, detergents particular fabrics, etc., moisture sensitivities, heavy-wetting; the list of things you can’t predict for is long.

The buying recommendations, wash and use plans, and the one-page cheat sheets I create just for you are only the first step in your cloth diaper consultation.

I’m here to give you as much or as little support as you feel you need.

Here’s How You’ll Get The Help You Need:

Save Money

Get a short list of three to four cloth diapers (type, brand and model) perfect for your time, budget, and caregiver needs, as well as a conservative estimate of exactly how many diapers you’ll need of that type for your laundry lifestyle.

Along with my recommendations I’ll send you at least two to three trustworthy retailers that sell each of those diapers at better price points.

Local retailers and large retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target are included when possible. I’ll also alert you to any relevant sales I know about that may be coming up.

Save Time

Not only will you save time reading reviews, asking opinions, and shopping around for the best diapers for you and your baby, but once we’ve narrowed down your diaper choice to three to four choices, I will give you specific instructions showing you exactly how to prepare them, put them on, take them off, and store them between washes. In other words, you’ll not only know what diapers are best for you but also exactly how to use them.

I’ll also calculate a personalized wash and care recipe based on your laundry conditions (available washing machine, and water hardness level) and your preferred detergent(s) (up to two). This alone will save you both a ton of research, and a ton of time correcting mistakes from bad wash advice, which is available everywhere on the internet

You’ll also get a few handy cheat sheets and visuals to place at the changing table and washing machine to make things even quicker and easier.

Everything you need, without the hours of research, failed attempts, and conflicting advice.

Get Support

As with everything baby-related, things can happen and even the best-laid plans may need to be adjusted for special circumstances.

Some parents need a bit more help than others, but we all can benefit from some one-on-one help when doing something new, like cloth diapering.

To make sure you have the amount of help and guidance you need, I offer two levels of support (see below). No matter what consultation you choose, your success is my success so I will make sure you’re confident and well-prepared before our sessions are done.

Ready to Start Cloth Diapering Already?

For most, the decision to cloth diaper is also about budgeting so I offer two consultation types depending on how much help you want or need.

A Personalized Plan

$46 USD
Or the Cost of an Economy Plus Pack of Huggies Little Snugglers

-A short list of recommended diapers and accessories that are chosen because they are the perfect fit for your budget, time, and caregiver situation

-Written instructions showing you how to prepare, use, and store all the recommended diapers

-A personalized wash and care recipe based on your laundry conditions and preferred detergent(s) (up to two) with cheat sheets and visual aids to keep next to your washing machine

– A follow up email every month for three months, just to make sure your questions are answered and you’re on the right path.

All the Help!

$90 USD
Or Less than two Economy Plus Packs of Huggies

-A short list of recommended diapers and accessories that are chosen because they are the perfect fit for your budget, time, and caregiver situation

-Written instructions showing you how to prepare, use, and store all the recommended diapers

-A personalized wash and care recipe based on your laundry conditions and preferred detergent(s) (up to two) with cheat sheets and visual aids to keep next to your washing machine

-A unique video tutorial made just for you, showing you how to use all your recommended diapers

-A one-hour call follow-up with me to answer all of your questions

-Free copies of all of my upcoming cloth diaper books

-Weekly follow-up emails just in case, until you’re comfortable

So How Does it Work?

After you purchase a consultation you’ll be taken to a page with instructions and a link to fill out a short questionnaire.

Once you submit your questionnaire back to me (don’t worry, it’s pretty short and there are some instructions), I get to work putting a whole package together for you with everything you see above. Depending on the package you choose and schedule, it could take a few days, to a week to prepare.

After you’ve had a chance to look through everything I send you, I will follow up to go through it all step-by-step and make sure all your questions are answered.

If you feel like you need a lot of mentorship, and choose the “All the Help” option, I will continue to follow up until you’re comfortable with everything, even if that’s not until potty training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

These one-on-one consultations are best for cloth diaper beginners, who are struggling with one or all of the following:

A) You know you want to cloth diaper, but there are a ton of options and you have no idea what brand or type of diapers to get. “Which ones are best? Do you need a variety? What is an insert and do I need them with all diapers? Can I mix and match?” are questions you’re asking yourself and haven’t found satisfactory answers yet.

B) You think you know what diapers you want and/or have bought a few already and now you need help figuring out how to prep, wash, and store them.

C) All of the above. You’re overwhelmed, baby is on the way, and you just need answers.

Do I really Need One-on-One Help? Isn’t this Site Supposed to Help Me?

Here’s the deal, I can’t put a one-size-fits-all blog post up to solve every cloth major cloth diaper decision and problem for every type of person, ever. I’ve tried, and I’ve failed. There are just too many options, and none of them are all wrong for every situation.

But, with just bit of information about you, I CAN offer you a personalized plan of action, based on your needs, and your preferences so that all the guesswork is taken out of cloth diapers for you.

One-on-one, I am able to tell you which diapers will be best for you, which brands to look at, how many you’ll need, where are the best places and times to buy them, how to store them, and how to wash them.

The absolute best thing is that all of that information will be FOR YOU.

Everything on this site will always be free! And the number of articles on here will only grow over time. But if you really want to get started and cloth diaper the right way, right now, then a consultation might be for you. It’s how we plan to keep the lights on and the free information flowing.

What If I just need a little help?

If you’re already cloth diapering and just hit a snag, I’d still be happy to speak with you and help you get over your challenges and review your wash and care routine with you, but it might not be necessary.

For some, a cloth diaper consultation may be a great way to iron out some big issues, but for others, it’s overkill and a simple post for advice on the Cloth Diapers for Beginners Facebook group may be enough.

Try the group first and if it’s just not enough come back here later.

What Sorts of Things Do You Ask on the Questionnaire?

Once you purchase your consultation, I’ll send you a two-page survey that I will need you to fill out in order to prepare a personalized and detailed plan for you. Some less-obvious things I’ll be asking for are:

  • What detergent you plan on using to wash your cloth diapers (you’ll get information on how to choose one or two on the confirmation page)
  • Your water hardness/softness reading. If you’re on a municipal water system, your city’s website or telephone service should have that information for you. If they don’t, or if you’re on a well water system, you can easily test your water with some test strips, like these ones on Amazon
  • The make/model of your washing machine (again, you’ll be getting instructions on what I actually need here)
  • Some general information about who will be changing diapers and if they’re on-board
  • Your cloth diaper likes and dislikes so far, if any

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