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Best Halloween Cloth Diaper Prints 2018

Cloth diapers come with a lot of perks, no blow-outs, no running out of diapers unexpectedly, etc., but for some, the best thing about cloth diapers are the ridiculously cute prints.  Since Halloween is right around the corner, why not celebrate by taking a look at some of the cute Halloween prints available this year. Below you’ll find some of the cutest Halloween prints around in both pocket diapers and cloth diaper covers.

Halloween Diaper Packages

ALVABABY Halloween Cloth Diaper Packages

AlvaBaby has not one, but two packages of Halloween themed pocket diapers. You get six Halloween prints in each package, all of which would be adorable for either a boy or a girl. 


The diapers in this package are pocket diapers that are adjustable to fit babies from 6 – 33 pounds. Each diaper comes with two, 3-layer microfiber inserts. AlvaBaby diapers are the most popular inexpensive diaper imports from China. While they are not the quality of the top-performing North American brands AlvaBaby diapers work well, and their price is hard to beat. As a result, many parents working on a budget have cloth diaper “stashes” made completely of their diapers.

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Halloween Diaper Singles 

LilBit Pocket Diapers

LilBit pocket diapers has six Halloween prints, as well as a few Christmas and Thanksgiving prints, that are available as individual diapers. The six Halloween prints include a mummy, goblin/jack-p-lantern face, a spooky tree silhouette, a haunted mansion (my favorite), a scarecrow, and a pumpkin.


These Lilbit Pocket Diapers come with a single, three-layer microfiber insert, and are adjustable with snaps, fitting from 8-35 lbs.
LilBit diapers are a “China cheepie,” brand available on Wish and Amazon (click on photos above to check them out there). While they are inexpensive, the quality is comparable to other respected China brands, like AlvaBaby.

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AlvaBaby Pocket Diaper

Let’s be honest, this Jack Skellington print will make you want to use this AlvaBaby pocket diaper for both Halloween and Christmas!

This AlvaBaby pocket diaper comes with two, three-layer microfiber inserts, and is adjustable to fit babies from 8-35 lbs. As mentioned above, AlvaBaby diapers are a made in China brand that offers mediocre quality, but incredible value for the price. 

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Hibaby Diaper Cover (and Wetbag)

If you love the Jack Skellington PUL print, but aren’t a fan of pocket diapers, this cloth diaper cover, and matching wetbag, may just be what you’re looking for.

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